Voter Accessibility Information

Assistance by a Person 

  • You may have assistance during any stage of the electoral process.  You may have a person of your choice provide assistance to you as long as that person is not a candidate, your employer, agent of your employer, or agent of your union.
  • You may request assistance from an election worker at any voting location.
  • The person you choose can help you in completing forms, reading voting materials and go into the voting booth with you to assist you in casting your ballot.


Accessible Polling Places

  • The Ketchikan Gateway Borough makes every effort to ensure polling places are accessible to all of its voters.
  • This sometimes includes temporary solutions, such as portable ramps, door knob converters, ballot call doorbells for those who need assistance gaining entry to the polling place, and temporary van-accessible parking spots.
  • Inside the polling place, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough provides magnifying viewers for the visually impaired.
  • To locate your polling place, call 907.228.6605, or look up your voting record to obtain your polling place location using the State of Alaska's Division of Elections My Voter Information online option.


  • The Ketchikan Gateway Borough provides registrar and polling worker training.  In addition to the Borough, the Division of Elections provides registrar training and/or voter outreach to a variety of community agencies, such as the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Access Alaska, Southeast Alaska Independent Living and Alaska State Independent Living Council.