Terminal Expansion Plan

Project Purpose

The Terminal Building at the Ketchikan International Airport was constructed in 1973. Since 2012, Ketchikan has experienced consistent growth, with 2019 passenger enplanements reaching over 137,000. Passenger access and demand is expected to increase to over 200,000 enplanements by 2038.

To address the congestion issues resulting from the rapid growth of the airport’s traffic, the Borough contracted with Mead & Hunt, Inc. in 2019 to conduct a Terminal Area Plan. The Assembly formally adopted the Terminal Area Plan at its March 7, 2022, meeting.

According to the Terminal Area Plan (TAP), the airport terminal building should be twice its size to accommodate 2019 passenger levels. The security-screening checkpoint is undersized and poorly configured, and the terminal and apron have numerous cross flow circulation issues that are a potential safety hazard for passengers. There are also safety hazards related to passengers ground boarding aircraft on the apron.

In January 2022, staff issued a Request for Proposals for Design and Engineering of Phase A of the Terminal Area Expansion. Phase A of the terminal expansion is the first of three phases and is expected to correct the majority of near-term growth issues by increasing the size of the terminal from 30,419 square feet to approximately 56,000 square feet.

 On June 20, 2022, the Assembly awarded a contract to Mead & Hunt, Inc. for the Concept Design and Budget Report Services (CBR) for Phase A. The CBR was completed in October 2023 and identified the preferred concept as well as an updated financial analysis. The proposed funding for the estimated $42,600,000 Phase A Terminal Expansion project is anticipated from three primary sources:

$31,800,000 Federal Airport Improvement Funds

$5,300,000 PFC Bond Capital

$5,500,000 Local Airport Cash Reserves

On January 2, 2024, the KGB executed a contract with Mead & Hunt, Inc. for the Phase A Terminal Expansion Architect & Engineering services. This contract will produce construction ready documents scheduled to be completed in December 2024 with construction to follow soon after.

Passenger Facility Charge Public Notice

Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Alaska is providing an opportunity for public comment until February 14, 2024 related to the Impose and Use Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Application #3 for the Ketchikan International Airport. This written notice is provided in accordance with requirements contained in Federal Aviation Regulation 49 CFR Part 158.24 Passenger Facility Charge.

Ketchikan Gateway Borough plans to impose the maximum PFC allowable of $4.50 per enplaned passenger. We anticipate collection to begin on August 1, 2028, with a total revenue impact of $11,800,000. The PFC expiration date for the two projects is estimated to be August 1, 2054. Future PFC projects will likely extend the expiration date.

The charges are intended to help pay for the Terminal Building Expansion and Rehabilitation project. See the full notice for project information: https://www.kgbak.us/DocumentCenter/View/11844/KTN---PFC-3---Public-Notice-010524

Comments or a request for more detailed project descriptions should be sent to Alex Peura, Airport Director, 1000 Airport Terminal Building, Suite 10, Ketchikan, Alaska, 99901