Board of Equalization


In accordance with Borough Code, the Board of Equalization is composed of the members of the Assembly, excluding the Mayor.

Appeal Process Summary

Typically mid to late January of each year all real property, property owners are mailed a "Notice of Assessed Value," which indicates the assessed value of the property and typically in February personal property owners are mailed a Notice of Assessed Value.

If you do not agree that the assessed value of your property represents market value you should first request an informal review by the Assessment Department by speaking with an appraiser. If the value is not adjusted to your satisfaction you may file an appeal to the Board of Equalization.

No appeal may be taken unless the applicant files with the board written notice of appeal specifying grounds for such appeal within 30 days from the date the assessment notice was mailed. Appeal forms are available from the Department of Assessment annually after assessment notices are mailed and are available through the 30 day appeal period.

Should you be unsatisfied with the decision rendered by the Board of Equalization at your hearing, you may then appeal to the Alaska Superior Court.

Burden of Proof

The assessed value is presumed to be correct and the burden of proof lies with the property owner to demonstrate otherwise. Once an appeal is filed, the property owner or his/her duly authorized representative will be granted a hearing before the board, and will be required to demonstrate by a preponderance of evidence that the assessment was unequal, excessive, or improper.

Failure to meet this burden of proof should result in the assessed value being sustained. Board of Equalization review applies only to the assessed value of your property, not to the amount of tax or the exempt status. Appeals relating to the taxable status should be directed to the Alaska Superior Court.