About Us


The NTVFD started in 2003, from scratch, with no vehicles or equipment as all of the vehicles and equipment from the former private volunteer fire department had been sold and shipped off the island. Local funding was identified for operations and purchase of all of the fully equipped vehicles.


Now working from two fire stations, NTVFD covers an area of approximately 25 square miles and over 25 miles of paved and gravel roads. The protected population base is 3,200. NTVFD has two engines, one 3,500 gallon tanker/pumper, two 3,500 gallon water tenders, two Advanced Life Support ambulances, and one heavy rescue unit.


Emphasis is placed on providing volunteers with the same standard National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) approved equipment and training currently being used by the other local departments, thus ensuring the maximum level of compatibility and interoperability among all the local firefighters and departments.


This section is dedicated to those hard working individuals who many, many times have put the Fire Department needs above their own and their family's.