In accordance with KGBC 18.10.040 amendments, the change in zoning of property may be initiated by a property owner(s), subject to the following conditions:

  • An application (PDF) signed by the owners of not less than fifty (50) percent of the area of property proposed for rezoning as shown on the last equalized assessment roll or such other verification of ownership acceptable to the designated planning official. Owners signatures should be made on the Owner Authorization Signature Page (PDF), this form must accompany the rezone application.
  • A legibly written legal description of the property involved and the legal document reference for that description. If the legal description is a metes and bounds description written from a survey or subdivision map, then that map showing the proposed rezone shall accompany the legal description of the property involved.
  • Reasons for the proposed change and a statement describing the effect of the proposed change on the objectives of the comprehensive plan.
  • No application fee.


  • Requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission.
  • Final action on rezone request shall be made by the Assembly.