Community Capital Project Requests

Each year, the Assembly approves a list of capital project funding requests and project booklet for submission to the Governor and Legislature. For more than 30 years, the Community of Ketchikan's annual capital project lists have been developed through a series of meetings inviting participants from all areas of the community. Community projects, as well as the municipal priority projects are included in the booklet.

The current fiscal year request books are available at the following links:

FY 2025 Ketchikan Priority Policy Issues and Capital Projects

FY 2025 Ketchikan Full Legislative Request Booklet

Prior Community of Ketchikan capital project funding requests, dating back to 1985, are available online.

The Community of Ketchikan Capital Project process generally includes these steps:

  • August-Municipal governing bodies identify respective infrastructure priority capital projects
  • Early September-Lobbying Executive Committee requested to convene to discuss prioritization of community capital projects
  • Second Meeting September-Municipal governing bodies approve community capital project priority list
  • Late September-Borough Clerk's office submit capital priority list to Governor
  • November/December-Borough Clerk's office enters capital projects into the Legislature's Online Capital Project System (CAPSIS)
  • February-Community of Ketchikan representatives travel to State Capitol in Juneau to advocate for Ketchikan capital projects and policy issues