Vehicle Parking

Appeal a Parking Citation

Parking note: only pay for parking after you have parked your vehicle and noted your stall number. 

Vehicle Parking Fees in Airport Ferry Parking Lot on Revillagigedo Island

Time Period
Payment Location
Each 24 Hour Period
Pay Station
Each 24 Hour Period
Passport Parking App

Vehicle Parking Fees in Airport Parking Lots on Gravina Island

Time Period
Each 24 Hour Period
Prepaid Monthly Passes

Airport Boat Dock Fees

Type Fee
Boats Over 35 Feet
Boats Up To and Including 35 Feet
Plus Per Commercial Fish Off Load
Plus Commercial Vessel Passenger Off Loaded or On Loaded

Airport Parking Maps

Revilla Airport Parking Changes Effective October 2021 - Current

Pay Station Accepts Coin or Credit/Debit Card


Pay via the Internet or Phone App - ZONE 557

A convenience fee will apply when using the Passport Parking App